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the banned catalogue of the entry

the banned catalogue of the entry

- all products that contain prohibited ingredients from the customs office of the different countries.
- before buying the goods, please through the customs hall/food medicine hall/local customs to confirm whether the customs clearance,and then to buy.
- Purchase of goods belonging to the prohibition of customs clearance items, before the goods arrived in South Korea logistics center can be abolished by the 1:1 message board,
  can be free to repeal.
  (After arriving at the airport abolished, or split require additional information, produce a handling charge.)
-the goods below are only part of the list of items that are not prohibited by customs clearance, not all of the goods to be banned.
  Tariff hall consulting about banned the import directory: can through the customs regulations of the state board, customs hall website address and phone number, to confirm.

General can not customs clearance catalogue

Agricultural products and meat including (processed meat products, dairy products)
Ingredients contained in the poultry (chicken, beef, pigs, etc.) part of the composition of the product
BioCell Collagen ii (the brain disease related items of sponge of collagen,including (gelatin)
cosmetics reflect the words of ACNE (free, anti)
salicylic acid is salicylic acid or beta hydroxyacid, benzo a benzoyl peroxide super oxide.
pharmaceutical products
narcotics( illegal drugs)
the gold / silver etc. currency: check/ cash, etc.
securities bonds and other securities of the fake and forged products, imitation
Dangerous goods
Firearms and ammunition parts
Quasi weapon categories: casting sword class, games toys with firearms, ammunition and supplies such as second-hand clothing
Combustible items: high alcohol content of combustible perfume, spray cosmetic etc.
Including asbestos cloth (fireproof curtain), and other hazardous or flammable items
Risque items Part of the human body, pornographic works, etc.