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about the shipping services

The goods you buy it in the South Korea shoppingmall will delivery to tiantianhan South Korea logistics center
is will more safe and quickly than air mail to sent the goods for you.

the shipping services step

1.Registration( New user) or Sign In
New user can register now, the old member just Sign In. Register to join the member you will receive "My Tiantian Han South Korean address at the same time ,please confirm.
2.Shopping and buy goods
when you shopping in the South Korea shoppingmall, Please enter "My Tiantian Han South Korea address "in the delivery address.
3.Fill in the shipping application form
After shopping, please click on the[Apply for the shipping ] and then completing the shipping application form in accordance with the requirements.
1 Agree to the user agreement Please select agree to the user agreement about the International shipping.
2 Enter the goods information with a (*)is must fill in the project.
3 The order number Please enter the order number of the goods that you buy it in South Korea shopping mall.
4 Amount of goods Please enter the actual amount of goods that you buy it the shopping mall.
5 quantity Please enter the purchase quantity of goods.
6 Tracking number Please enter tracking number of the goods that the South Korea shopping mall sent to “My Tiantian Han South Korea address”. Have a tracking number can accelerate the warehousing and acceptance.
7 Options Please enter the goods information on option: color, size and so on.
8 The name of the goods (in Korean ) Please enter the name of the goods in Korean. If inaccurate will cause customs clearance delay.
9 The name of the goods( In English) Please enter the name of the goods in English. If inaccurate will cause customs clearance delay.
10 Shopping Mall URL Please enter the Shopping Mall URL where you buy the goods.
11 Goods URL Please enter the website of the goods. It will be the reference to acceptance of goods or claim processing.
12 Increase the goods information Purchases more than one goods that you can click on the increase, continue to fill in the goods information.
13 shipping Please enter the Korean shipping fee of the goods you buy it in the South Korea Shopping Mall.
14 Discount If you use coupons to buy the goods, please fill in.
15 The total amount Total amount must be consistent with you pay the total amount use the bank card in the South Korea Shopping Mall. When the declaration for customs clearance it must fill in the accurate amount.
4.Put in storage "My Tiantian Han South Korea address"
The goods you buy it in the South Korea shoppingmall will delivery to your "My Tiantian Han South Korea address".
5.Acceptance of goods and weight measurement
When the goods arrived "My Tiantian Han South Korea address", it will confirm in accordance with the requirements for acceptance of the project carefully, and then packaging, and weight measurement at last.
6. Pay the shipping fee
The goods after packing will measuring weight and inform you the shipping fee ,before you pay the shipping fee ,the goods will be in a state of waiting for the delivery.
7.International shipping
When you complete to pay the shipping fee, the goods will be delivery to overseas countries.